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my eyes are just holograms

you're just a twist in my sobriety

13 October
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the story of a life

"there's more to life than books you know, but not much more"

ola, 20, currently living in the middle of nowhere. i'm weird and live about thirty minutes away from the ocean but haven't been to the beach in nearly two years. i work full time in human resources but i'm hoping for a more interesting career path. i make jewellery on my spare time and do an awful lot of photoshopping.

i am obsessed with love cate blanchett, jennifer saunders, geoffrey rush, david tennant, ralph fiennes, meryl streep, clive owen, liv tyler, katharine hepburn, jack nicholson, tina fey, absolutely fabulous, french and saunders, pushing daisies, six feet under, syd barrett, morrissey, the beatles, pink floyd, the smiths, david bowie, iggy pop.